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Multi Plug Outlet Extender Rack

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Trying to find just the right home for your small electronics can be somewhat of a challenge at times! The Multi Plug Outlet Extender Rack could be just the solution you've been searching for. This convenient little gadget actually triples your power and provides you with a convenient and powerful charging station for up to 8 devices! No more charging your electronic devices on the counter! Now, they'll be out of the way and easily charged, without taking up valuable counter top space. With 6 widely spaced AC outlets, and 2 USB Ports, this multi-plug mechanism delivers 2.1 Amp shared total output. That's perfect for charging phones and tablets. You'll never worry about where to set your devices for charging again!

It's super easy to use, too! Just plug the socket shelf into any regular 3 prong power outlet and transform it into a wall mounted power strip, complete with 2 USB Power Ports and 6 AC Outlets in seconds! No more plugging in multiple USB adapters. This UL listed outlet is completely compatible with GFCI outlets and the indicator light shows the presence of the 1000 Joules Surge Protection it provides. Whether you place it in the bathroom or bedroom, the kitchen or living room, this built in shelf adds extra space right where you need it the most! Free up that counter space and enjoy a clean, clutter-free look, while lifting cables up and out of the way so your countertops stay neat and tidy. It also keeps your electronics safe from potential damage caused by liquid spills or food splatter. This multi-plug outlet won't plug into two prong non-grounded outlets, but can be used as a surge protector device on horizontal outlets. The shelf, however, is not compatible for use on horizontal outlets. You'll know it's properly plugged in when the LED ground light illuminates. 

Plug it in and add a convenient shelf, instantly, to hold all kinds of personal and household items such as, iPhones, Androids, smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric toothbrushes, Alexa, razors, toothpaste, spices and more! This multi-functional plug outlet lets you add a shelf to any outlet, so that you can transform a disorderly mess into efficient success! It's stable enough to hold all of your electronics safely and is capable of holding up to 15lbs. reliably. 


Detachable Shelf

Length- 33cm./13in. 

8.3cm/3.3in. (Shelf Width)

6 AC Outlets

2 USB Ports


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Multi Plug Outlet Extender Rack
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