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Multicolor Touch Sensitive Hexagon Lights for Wall, Room, & Office

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You just got back from a long tiring day at the office. Before collapsing on the sofa, you just throw your hands to switch on all the lights.But instead of that homey feeling, you are met with a dull environment that doesn't feel like you are finally home.It gives off the same gloomy vibes as your office space. Ughhh, you don¡¯t want that, Do you?So it's time to transform your home and office ambiance to an uplifting and welcoming vibe with these multicolor touch hexagon lights for wall.The hexagon light panels are perfect for illuminating any place like the bathroom, living room, garage, gaming room, office desk, and bedroom. Its touch-sensitive switch motion makes it ideal for installing in your kid's room as well.What you'll get:Romantic vibe in the bedroom: The hexagon color-changing lights can change the dull ambiance of your room. Install the lights on the wall, attach as many wall-mounted panels as you want magnetically with each other, set the brightness, and choose your favorite color. There you have a perfect romantic vibe to spend the night with your partner.Elevate office architecture: Burnout, office stress, and low morale can negatively impact your work life and daily tasks. Place these RGB hexagon LED lights on your office desk to illuminate the workspace and your dull mood.Decorate your kid's room: Use different panels to transform your child's ordinary room into a smart space. It will provide the dim light needed for a peaceful sleep. You can also spend some quality time playing a creative light-up game.Customize the style, color, & brightness: Use your light touch or remote control to control multicolor lights and brightness. You can also style it the way you want, such as put 5 below the main adapter panel or make any design you desire.Use as gaming lights: This will be one of the best lights for your gaming setups. It imparts a dramatic effect which is necessary to stay motivated during the game playing.?* If you have to change the color of each panel, you need to touch them by hand. Each hexagon panel will switch its color on each pat. If you wish to apply the same effect to all the tiles, use the remote.
  • Made of ABS
  • Multicolor lights
  • Panels attach to each other magnetically
  • Control by touch or remote
  • Use remote to control switch, lighting, and brightness
  • Illuminate office setup, kids room, or any home space
  • Adhesive pads included
  • Includes 10 hexagon LED lights


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Multicolor Touch Sensitive Hexagon Lights for Wall, Room, & Office
Type1 - $99.99
  • Type1 - $99.99

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