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no waste bottle caps set
no waste bottle caps set
no waste bottle caps set
no waste bottle caps set

    No Waste Bottle Caps Set

    $15.99 $31.99

      Having trouble getting that last bit of ketchup, shampoo, dish soap or any other liquid product out of the bottom of your bottles? Why keep throwing away perfectly good products and lots of money? With our No Waste Bottle Caps Set you can empty any bottle with ease! Designed for use with screw-top, squeezable bottles, these No Waste Bottle Caps are made to replace your bottle's original cap or pump. This attachment makes it easy for you to use every last drop of the product you purchased!

      This revolutionary cap system makes getting the last of those stubborn, thick liquids out of the bottles, quick and easy. No more struggling, shaking, or pounding, now you can get every drop you paid for! It's easy, after replacing your bottle's cap with the attachment, simply flip the bottle over and stand it upside down. Then, open the valve to squeeze out every last drop. The No Waste Bottle Caps are BPA-free, food-safe and dishwasher-safe. They can be washed and reused again and again.


      • Store bottles upside-down, easily, with the tripod leg system
      • Get the last drop of any liquid product, even thick ones
      • Fits almost any screw top bottle, worldwide
      • Washable and Reusable
      • Get every drop you paid for, without struggling
      • Simple push-pull valve to dispense
      • Self-closing valve to prevent accidental spills

      Package Included: 
      6 PCs Stand Kit ( 2 x 2.3cm, 2 x 2.7cm, 2 x 3.7cm)

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