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Non-stick 4 Egg Frying Pan

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How can you prepare a nutrition-buffed, finger-licking, 542-calorie breakfast within 8 minutes?By having the right cooking tool and ingredients!This 4 cup egg frying pan will just be the right fit for you. Put the egg into one cup, chicken patty into the other and burger buns into the other 2. And there in front of you, within 8 short minutes, will you have a 542-calorie breakfast that is appetizing for the taste buds and highly nutritional for the body.But that¡¯s not it. The legendary 4 egg fried pan helps you prepare pancakes, burgers, fried eggs, omelets and pies in 200% less time, gives your kids perfectly round eggs every day, is effortless to clean, and easy to carry.Our goodness, what else would you want from a frying pan? It¡¯s surely a beast for your kitchen, but a beast that is be respected, devoured and taken advantage of:pWhat you¡¯ll get:Quick egg frying: When every second matter during the breakfast preparation for your family, this egg fried pan will be a great assistance for you. It prepares 4 eggs at one time, thus saving you a lot of time.Safe cooking every day: The pan is made of heat-resistant aluminum alloy which is non-stick in nature. It is assisted by a bakelite handle, anti-burn rings and a comfortable, non-slip grip. Together, it gives you a safe, risk-free cooking experience.Multiple applications: The 4 egg frying pan is not only meant for fried eggs but for pies, omelets, patties, pancakes, patties, curries and cutlets as well. You can make a whole meal on it at one time, be it dinner, lunch or breakfast. Make hard-crust, cream-filled pies, cheese-laden hamburgers or soft, puffy, pancakes; the choice is yours. No need for a specific stove: Another big benefit is that it is compatible with all types of stoves; gas cooker, induction cooker and electric ceramic stoves.Carry on picnics: You have to pack smart for camping trips and picnics. The bakelite handle of the 4 cup egg fried pan can be unscrewed for easy storage. Enjoy the same advantages outside your home as well. Also great for barbeque Saturday nights with friends and family. 
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + bakelite
  • Non-stick, heat-resistant surface
  • Prepares 4 round eggs at one time
  • Saves ample amount of cooking time
  • Also use for pies, buns, patties, etc
  • Works on a variety of stoves
  • Unscrew the handle for transport


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Non-stick 4 Egg Frying Pan
Type1 - $37.99
  • Type1 - $37.99

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