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Nose Blackhead Removal Sticker Strips

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Do you like the fresh feeling you get after a calming and relaxing cleansing? Ah, the bliss of getting all the gunk out of your face is truly unmatched.But, only two days had passed that you started noticing the ugly dots on your nose again.Grossed out by the so-called nose freckles, you decided to take matters into your hand.Looking for a q-tip, searching for DIY masks, and googling how to use a blackhead nose pin, one thing skipped your mind, the side effects!"Wrong blackhead removal process will leave scars."Literally, you'll be scarred for life unless you can afford expensive skincare treatments.Skip all the skin-damaging and costly hassle with the blackhead sticker removal. Give your clogged pores a safe and healthy exit!What you'll get:Handy beauty tool when in a hurry: Need to get ready for an unplanned dinner date or business lunch? We got you! Follow your usual skincare regime and paste these peel-off nose stickers afterward. Next, do your makeup and hairstyle while leaving this on. Then, remove the sticker, wipe the nose, do the rest of your face makeup, and you are off to a smooth and clean finish!Scar-free pore cleaning: All you have to do is paste the shiny side of these best pore strips on the wet nose to see its exfoliating and cleansing magic. It won't leave a scar as no stripping out the skin is involved.Perfect results every time: Blackheads are formed due to dead skin cells, clogged pores, and excess sebum oil production. These sticky charcoal strips will help you get rid of those stubborn blackheads on your nose in every use. The activated material absorbs all the gunk, debris, and dead cells from the nose surface, leaving smooth skin.*The stickers won¡¯t stick unless the skin is moist. If you face difficulty in peeling off the sticker, use a blow dryer on the black surface for some time.
  • Material: Bamboo Charcoal
  • It won't leave a scar
  • Safe nose exfoliation and cleansing
  • Handy beauty stickers for traveling
  • Pore strips for blackhead removal at home
  • Package includes 10 blackhead nose stickers


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Nose Blackhead Removal Sticker Strips
Type1 - $13.99
  • Type1 - $13.99

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