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Paper Cutting Tool With 360 Degree Rotating Head

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Practice makes a man perfect. We all have heard of this famous proverb but do we implement it in our lives to become the best version of something?Cooking,driving,skating,writing,drawing? Wait, did we just say drawing? Yeah, because we have the single, most genius product at bay that will make you a pro at it. That¡¯ll equip you with the same graceful moves that artists and painters depict proudly in YouTube & social media videos.This brilliant paper cutting tool stocks you up with the power to cut out complex designs, create attractive diagrams and craft sensational decals.It will make your hand movements so smooth and accurate that you could draw a masterpiece with your eyes closed (although after a lot of practice!)What you¡¯ll get:Ideal tool for decoupage: Cutting out shapes and pasting them on furniture or scrapbook is a time-consuming process but not with this tool. The paper cutting pen conforms to the complex contours and edges of the images/patterns and cuts them with lightning speed. It is almost 80% faster than scissors and 40% faster than the general paper cutters.Flawless cutting: Thanks to the 360-degree rotating head of the tool, it cuts paper on a dime. With extreme accuracy, it cuts the intricate edges and curves of the shapes. It is also very durable because of the Stainless Steel built.Safe to use: Unlike other paper cutters with sharp blades, this paper cutting tool is extremely safe and kid-friendly. The blade will cut the paper but not the skin.Great pastime for the kids: Thanks to this ingenious tool, your kids will get a great learning pastime. You can give them a cutting paper and ask them to cut out a number of shapes. There is so much to do with this tool.Wide applications: Extract different shapes from a large image, replicate the shapes as many times as you want, cut complex shapes from paper or vinyl covering materials, make stickers, create crafts, do artwork, design your scrapbooks or use it for signwriting.Suitable for many surfaces: You will get three different cutting blades which are suitable for different cutting surfaces and purposes. The paper cutting tool can handle photographs, vinyl, foil, cards, thin leather, felt, sugarpaste, cereal cartons and depron with ease.?
  • Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • 360 degree rotating blade
  • Cuts complex shapes
  • Anti-slip body
  • Improves your drawing skills
  • Great learning pastime for the kids
  • 3 replaceable cutting heads
  • Applications: Planner stickers, paper cutting, decoupage


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Paper Cutting Tool With 360 Degree Rotating Head
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