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Professional Ear Wax Removal Spray Bottle Kit

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Ah, the feeling of joy and cleanliness we get from swabbing our ears using a q-tip.Yes, we know about all the medical professional's advice going against it, but we still do it anyway. Why? It's easy, and we just seem to have a cotton swab around us all the time!Honestly, it's such a guilty pleasure.But, do you know constant use of such methods can become painful and damaging in the long run? Yes! It can make you lose hearing while puncturing the eardrum. It is that serious!!What to do then?Leave them dirty? Gross!Weekly clinic visits? Expensive!Ear wax removal spray bottle kit? Heck, yes!Get the best replacement for your costly ear cleaning clinic visits.What you'll get:Complete all-inclusive ear cleaning kit: It is a complete set of disposable tips, hard tube, rubber ping, bulb syringe, small basin, and a spray bottle ¨C everything you need to get the wax removed professionally right in the comfort space of your home.?Painless operation: Maintain your ear hygiene without the violent q-tip swabbing. This ear wax removal tool is gentle on the delicate skin yet works perfectly.Easy to use: You can do it easily at home or ask your sibling to do it for you. It includes 5 tips that can be used on all your family members.Safe alternative to cotton swabs: It is designed to be used by medical experts or individuals at home. The long rubber ping with tip and hard tube allows dropping the solution to the ear for removing wax-build up effectively.* 1 package: spray bottle, rubber syringe, ear basin, rubber hose, cap, hard tube, and 5 disposable tipsHow does ear wax removal spray work?You can add ear drops to soften the wax before using the ear cleaner kit. The warm water and hydrogen peroxide solution dissolves the earwax and provides irrigation to let it flow into the small ear basin.
  • Safe ear cleaning kit
  • Easy to use at home
  • Avoid painful ear wax removal
  • Say no to damaging q-tips and cotton swabs


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Professional Ear Wax Removal Spray Bottle Kit
Type1 - $25.99
  • Type1 - $25.99

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