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Reusable Gas Stove Range Protector

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While watching Master Chef, does your mind wonder how their kitchen tops are so clean and tidy? They have a clock ticking over their head, but by the time of serving the meals, their kitchen range is always so clean, it looks like they never cooked anything.Let us give rest to your thoughts by introducing this stove protector that they so conveniently use to keep their stovetops mess-free.Now you can do the same magic in your kitchen too.Imagine yourself not having to spend hours scraping tough stains from the stovetops. It will save your precious time by doing the chore in a breeze.That¡¯s the life every single person on the planet wants to live, so get this product before your hands start feeling weary and your back starts aching.What you¡¯ll get:Reusable range protectors: No need to keep on buying sponges every time you visit a grocery store. Use this reusable stove mat and keep your kitchen range clean. All you need to do is wash this with plain water, and it will be dirt-free in no time. Their non-stick nature makes them easily washable hence you¡¯ll be saving your hard-earned money by buying this kitchen essential.Give a clean look to stovetops: All your cooking mess stays away from the kitchen range. This glass fiber mat is ideal to ensure that no stains reach the surface. Remove the mat after cooking, and you have a brand new kitchen top.Easy to install: Remove the stove accessories and cut a centric hole on the mat according to your stove size (you don¡¯t have to trim it if your stove fits through the present hole of the mat.) Place the cover on the stove and put the frame and other accessories back. Voila, you are done.Long-lasting life: The high-temperature resistivity of up to 380o C gives this stove protector a long life even when it is right next to the fire.* Avoid direct contact with fire. 
  • Material: Glass-fiber
  • Size: 10.6 in x 10.6 in approx.
  • Package includes 4 pcs of sheets
  • High-temperature resistivity up to 380o C
  • Makes cleaning stove convenient
  • Non-toxic and reusable


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Reusable Gas Stove Range Protector
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