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Salad Saver Container Bowl

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What do a bowl of Caesar Salad, a plate of pepper steak and coleslaw for the sandwich have in common?Yes, the vegetables.But the veggies seem to start giving us a hard time if we try to pack all this deliciousness for a yummy school break meal, office meal box, or simply to take along on a road trip.Yes, we are talking about that 'argh moment' we experience while lifting off the lid of our food keeper box. The fresh vegetables have gone soggy, and the salad dressing is mixed with all the chicken pieces looking like a toddler who just got caught wrapped up in shiny ribbon strips by their mother:pHowever, with our salad saver container bowl, you can avoid all this sad mess. The small bowl can keep your gravy, dressings, and sauces separate from the staple food so that you get to have the true experience of a home-cooked meal everywhere.What you'll get:?Fresh food for a long time: This salad keeper has a thick seal lid that ensures the long-lasting freshness of everything inside by keeping the moisture and any bad odor out.No mixed taste: The savory salad saver has three storage compartments; a small sealed bowl for dressings, bottom space for staple food like rice, bread, steak, and an upper area to keep the veggies or other side dishes.A perfect lunch box: The three separate food storage area along with a fork and spoon makes it ideal for taking to the office, school, or on a road trip. The rectangle sides will save space in packing, while enough partitions can help you prepare a full meal of fruit, pasta, sandwiches, etc.Convenient design: The separable design can transform the salad saver into a food storage container that you can keep in the fridge. The small vented hole will allow the heat to vent out from the box while heating the prepared meal in a microwave.
  • Material: Food grade PP
  • Keeps food fresh for a long time
  • No spoiled taste
  • It can be used as a lunch box
  • Perfect for taking on the go


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Salad Saver Container Bowl
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