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Sausages & Hot Dog Slicer Tool
Sausages & Hot Dog Slicer Tool
Sausages & Hot Dog Slicer Tool
Sausages & Hot Dog Slicer Tool
Sausages & Hot Dog Slicer Tool

    Sausages & Hot Dog Slicer Tool

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      Kitchen gadgets are a must-have in today¡¯s world. God knows how our ancestors used to make delicious and quick food in their times.Maybe, they had 28 hours back then :p?Baking, steaming, frying, stirring, grating ¨C everything takes a lot of time. And did we mention slicing? It¡¯s probably the most time-consuming pre-cooking task.And when it¡¯s about slicing hot dogs, woah, give us some rest. Two, three are fine. But what if you have to slice ten??That¡¯s where this hot dog slicer comes into your life. The sausage calmly rests into the tray while the serrated slicing head cuts them up almost instantly into equal-sized slices.?Get this hot dog slicing tool and have ready-to-make, toddler-sized pieces for your finger-licking pastas, lasagna, skewers and stuffings. Now you can stack the bowls with cut sausage pieces within minutes. We wouldn¡¯t want to brag about it but it actually increases your cutting speed by 45%.?What you¡¯ll get:Increased cutting speed: No need to first learn the Gorden Ramsay cutting accuracy and then going after your hot dogs with a knife. Simply place the hot dog in the tray and push down the slicing head to get small pieces. It is as easy as ABC. Dice hot dogs now with a searing pace. It¡¯s a must-have kitchen tool if you make sausage sandwiches or pastas often.??Fast cutting with rust-proof serrated blades: The blade body is made of stainless steel which cuts the meat easily and can be washed without fearing that it would catch rust.Maximum safety: The top portion of the hot dog cutter¡¯s blades are not sharp or serrated because those are the ones that your fingers come into contact with while collecting the cut pieces. This makes it extremely safe for use. You can even ask kids to do the process for you.
      • Made of ABS + Stainless Steel
      • Cutting time reduces by 45%
      • Easy & safe dicing operation
      • Cut sausages quickly.
      • Size: 20.5 x 10.5 cm approx.

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