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Smart LED Temperature Display Water bottle

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Are you among the early risers that barely make it to the office on time? Yes?Do you always sip on your morning coffee or tea on the go? Yess?But, do you know if consumed above the safety temperature, hot drinks can cause you third-degree burns!Don't believe it? Take notes from the victim of the "McDonald's coffee case." (Literally!)Only if she had something that could have given her a red signal about the beverage's temperature!Save yourself from the mishap of burning while pushing yourself to finish the hot coffee, tea, water, or any other liquid with this LED temperature display water bottle.This smart vacuum insulated bottle can keep your drink warm for a long time. Enjoy warmth all day!What you'll get:Burn-free experience: This vacuum insulated bottle has three modes of signals on the cover that tell you whether the drink inside is boiling, warm, or cold.Real-time color changing mode: If the beverage is safe to consume, the water drop on the cover will change to green (30¡ãC-60¡ãC). Blue shows the drink isn't warm enough, while the red (above 60¡ãC) is an alarming signal that the liquid inside might burn or scald the mouth.Sleek design: This smart cup is made of premium stainless steel with little sheen. Moreover, the outer body is slender, compact, and easy to grip.Battery-saving feature for longer battery life: The temperature display shut down for 3-4 seconds every few minutes to save the battery and power. Yes, you can use it for a long time.Travel-friendly bottle: Fill it with warm water, coffee, tea, or any other liquid and simply place it on the cup holder in your car. 
  • Smart temperature display
  • Color changing mode
  • Car-mounted portable bottle
  • Vacuum insulated water bottle
  • No mouth scalding from hot drinks
  • Long battery life; automatic shutdown for 3-4 seconds
  • Travel-friendly size (Dia: 6.5 cm, Capacity: 500ml approx.)


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Smart LED Temperature Display Water bottle
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