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Solar Dragonfly Wind Chime

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Why would you have a dragonfly solar light in your home?Isn¡¯t it an insect? Yes, it is.Isn¡¯t it hideous-looking? Sure.But the pros?They symbolize adaptability and change.They teach us to rejoice even when surrounded by difficulties in life.They grant a gorgeously illuminating punch to your dark outdoor corners.But the best part is, they control the mosquito population and can eat 100 per day (okay, okay, that¡¯s for a real, breathing dragonfly but who knows ??)This solar dragonfly mobile is everything but lousy ¨C strings of happily revolving dragonflies ready to illuminate your bad mood and negative thoughts when you walk over to your balcony after an extremely bad day at work or home.An intent listener to your depressing folktales, a cheerful partner who will never fail to pull you out of your negativity whirlpool.Attach it where you take refuge from your life¡¯s busy timetable, from the honking horns, from the loud instructions, from the depressing comments, from the failed decisions.And rise in life again the very next day JWhat you¡¯ll get:Color-changing outdoor d¨¦cor: Either hang it on your balconies, backyards, yard¡¯s tree or terrace, the color-changing dragonflies will provide a pacifying glow. The LEDs change color from green to pink, yellow and blue smoothly.No-hassle operation: The only thing you have to do is hang the solar dragonfly mobile from your patio, deck, or terrace. It will store the sunlight in the day and illuminate automatically at night. Place it where there is complete darkness. The solar panel is very sensitive.No risk of breaking: Unlike other glass hangings, this one is made from PS and ABS which means it can sustain minor falls. Use it to provide appealing outdoor d¨¦cor to your pavilions, garden features, decks or attics.* Keep the solar panel clean for maximum effect.
  • Made of ABS + PS
  • Color changing effect
  • Provides calmness to your outdoor space
  • Symbolizes adaptability
  • Charges in the day, turns on at night automatically


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Solar Dragonfly Wind Chime
Type1 - $21.99
  • Type1 - $21.99

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