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Sound Control Firework LED Lights

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Aren’t the fireworks just awesome!The thin streak of the firecrackers transforms into an explosion when it reaches the sky. It races your adrenaline and makes you jump and yell with excitement.Well, not everyone can enjoy this scene outdoor. That’s why we bring you these firework LED lights. Emulating the exact effect of an exploding firecracker, you can attach them on your walls, on the trees and even the doors if you like.Make your parties more exciting, your Christmas celebrations more vibrant and your Valentine’s Day more romantic with these magical lights. Controlled via a remote or Bluetooth app, you can change them according to your mood.What you’ll get: Enhance the mood of any party: No need to invest a lot on home décor items and party adornments when you have these firework LED lights. The LED strip lights are arranged in the shape of beads that amp up the excitement of your parties. Change the pattern from single-colored to multi-colored easily.A mode for every mood: There are three modes in these strip lights. A constant mode in which the LEDs give only one color; the moving mode in which multicolored lights shine and the sound mode in which the lights change according to the beat of the music.Attach on multiple surfaces: The LED strip has a sticky surface. Remove the protective cover from it and attach it with walls and doors or hang it with trees. Make a decorative ambiance anywhere with these lights.
  • Multi-colored LED light strips
  • Material: FPC
  • Modes: Constant, moving, sound
  • Stick-on back for easy attachment
  • Useful for wall decorations, Christmas, weddings, etc.
  • Package includes the controller
  • Height of the light:  100 + 60 cm approx.


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Sound Control Firework LED Lights
Type1 - $67.99
  • Type1 - $67.99

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