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Spiral Cable And Wire Protector For Charger & Earphones

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Late at night, holding a mobile phone in one hand and snacks in the second, you are in the middle of binge-watching your favorite Netflix series.Suddenly a low battery reminder flashes on your screen.Looking at the 2% charging, you start digging up for the charging cable because the story is at its peak.Eyes on the screen, searching for the wire with hands, you finally found it and connected the charger, but that red low battery sign is still not going away.Then you realized it. Your precious data cable is broken.But, how many times has it already happened? How many chargers have you bought? Yes, more than you should!It's time you secure your wire to save money on all those data cables and charging wires. How to?Simple, by getting this spiral cable protector for charger or earphones! It will prevent the damaging bending of your cords, thus preventing their breakage and increasing their usage for a long time.What you'll get:Suitable for different cords: This spiral wire protector will keep the cable connector from bending. It is perfect for preventing the breaking of your iPhone or porous charging wires.Prevents bending, knot, and breaking: It is made of highly flexible silicone material, ensuring no knots form. It also avoids bending, thus keeping the cord from breaking early.Save money: It can help you save all that money you have to spend on buying new charging wires often.Perfect for outdoor use: You don't have to worry about the bending of the charging wire or earphones in the pocket. Because it will protect your cable in your travel bag, pocket, or while connecting to the phone or laptop.?
  • Made of flexible silicon
  • Perfect for cables, wire, and cords
  • Suitable for connecting wires of iPhone, android, laptop etc.
  • Increase the life of cables
  • Save money on buying new wire every month
  • Ideal for outdoor use


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Spiral Cable And Wire Protector For Charger & Earphones
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