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Sucker Silicone Darts ¨C 12 Big Pcs

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Video games, online gaming and TV serials have taken a wide portion of our kids¡¯ leisure time. And it¡¯s not good. According to a study of, children exposed to violent games tend to imitate them in real life.How about bringing a safe, fun and interactive toy game into their lives?Such as this sucker silicone darts game. It¡¯s a throw-and-stick game where the players will throw the orange ball on the glass surface first as a target. They will then try to throw the green and blue suckers as close as possible to it to score maximum points.Make your parties more fun, the free time of your kids more physical and your stressful moments relaxing with this new-age darts game.What you¡¯ll get:Super-interactive toy that is safe for the kids: The rules are simple. Two players will each get 5 sucker darts and an orange target. The dart that lands close to the orange target will score 3 points, while the one that sticks to the surface but is far away will score 1 point. The player with a higher score will win in the end. It¡¯s great for parties, Christmas gatherings, game nights, etc.Great for stress relieving: This sucker silicone toys game can also be used by adults to channelize their stress. Consider the darts as your bad mood and hit it hard on the surface. It won¡¯t leave any residue or mark, which makes it even more convenient.* These silicone toys are reusable. With time, they will catch dust and start to lose their stickiness. Wash them with water so that they regain their old state.* Includes 12 pieces (5 green darts, 5 blue darks, 2 orange targets)
  • Made of silicone rubber
  • Interactive throw and stick game
  • Good stress-relieving activity
  • Leaves no residue when detached
  • Can be reused after washing
  • Suitable surfaces: windows, car hood, refrigerator.
  • 12 pieces game
  • Size of darts: 9.5 cm approx.


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Sucker Silicone Darts ¨C 12 Big Pcs
Type1 - $21.99
  • Type1 - $21.99

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