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Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes

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Don¡¯t you just love the irresistible smile of the actresses and celebrities in movies and red carpets?They seem to have costly diamonds studded in their mouth ¨C sparkling and glistening attractively. They hear the click of the camera and immediately there they are, smiling confidently in front of the cameramen and reporters.?But how the hell do they get that? They are just human like you.The secret ¨C teeth whitening procedures. But those are pretty darn expensive. You can¡¯t afford them.Next best solution? These teeth whitening gel syringes. They give you almost the same effect at a hundred times less money, at your home without any dentist¡¯s supervision.How conveniently attractive is that? Simply put a small amount of the gel onto the mouthpiece, wear it for the recommended time and wash your mouth after it.Get ready for mesmerizing photos at your friend¡¯s wedding ceremony or a colleague¡¯s birthday party. No need to keep your lips sealed because of yellow teeth; it¡¯s time to flaunt in front of people with your shining, enamel-dentin armor. :PWhat you¡¯ll get:?Easy teeth cleaning operation: Get white, celebrity-like teeth within a month. The syringes behave differently for every person but you will start seeing results within a month.? The operation is simple. Apply the gel from the syringe into the traps, attach it with the light, wear it for about 30 minutes and then wash your mouth.Money saved on expensive treatments: These teeth whitening syringes will save your money spent on costly teeth whitening procedures done by dentists. It gives you quite a similar effect at home.Removes stubborn teeth stains: Drinking wine, tea, coffee, wine regularly or smoking stains your teeth. This formula helps in scraping these obstinate stains off your teeth.Improves your confidence:? Having sparkling teeth boosts your confidence and you can present your ideas and move among people fearlessly. Enhance your productivity at work after using it.How to use the syringes:1. Put the traps in 80oC warm water for 10 minutes and put them inside your mouth so that they conform to the structure of your teeth.2. Apply a thin layer of the whitening gel to the trays ensuring to spread it at the edges of the ridges. One syringe should work for 3-4 days.3. Put the trays in the mouth after attaching them with the light.4. Keep it that way for 8-30 minutes.5. Rinse your mouth after that and clean the trap.* Or you can use the method stated in the photos.?
  • Gives you white teeth within a month
  • Painless operation
  • Enhances your confidence
  • Minty smell
  • Syringes, traps, light, manual included in the set


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Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes
Type1 - $25.99
  • Type1 - $25.99

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