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Toy Rocket Launcher Including 3 Foam Rockets

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Kids are never tired of games and neither are we! Bring them this fun toy rocket launcher set and we are sure they will love you for the rest of their lives??. Kids love to do stuff elderly people do; how about firing a rocket!They can load the rocket in the launcher themselves and stomp the foot pedal to launch it into the sky. You can¡¯t imagine the thrill they will experience with this toy. Get ready to watch their astonished faces and adrenaline-pumped movements once they get going with this set.What you¡¯ll get:3 toy rockets with base and pedal for ultimate fun: Set the tripod stand, place the launching pipe on the desirable angle, insert the rocket in the launching pipe and stomp on the foot pedal to make the rocket fly high in the air. Enhances the competitive nature of kids: The set includes 3 foam rockets so each kid can adjust the pipe and press the pedal to see whose rocket reaches the farthest. This will develop a healthy competitive nature in your kids.Easy assembling and removal: The toy rocket shooter can easily be set up by kids. No parental help is needed. The process of setting up will also help with the physical coordination of your kids. Harmless game that kids will love: The parts have no sharp edges. Assembly is made of plastic while the rockets are constructed with EVA foam. The package includes 3 rockets, one base, one-foot pedal. 
  • Set of 3 rockets, 1 base & 1-foot pedal
  • Rocket’s material: EVA foam
  • Base material: Plastic
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable launching pipe
  • A great game for kids


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Toy Rocket Launcher Including 3 Foam Rockets
Type1 - $25.99
  • Type1 - $25.99

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