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Two Fingers Ergonomic Pencil Grip

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Do you wish your child to be the statement kid whose copies are displayed in the class for neatness and perfection?However, after all that writing practice, his handwriting still looks like weird scribbles.But do you know what's even worse? He has already started to complain about the painful tips with all that hard grip training.So, what would you do?Let him rest and worry about him getting used to that bad handwriting?Or, ignoring his soft plea, thinking he is doing it to avoid extra work, force him to focus on the pinch grip?Nothing from above! Why?Because these two fingers ergonomic pencil grip will help him practice holding the pencil the right way, improve the pinch grip, thus aiding in getting better handwriting.No more hand fatigue for your poor kid!What you'll get:Learn to hold the pencil correctly: The two fingers ergonomic design gives a comfortable hold, positioning the finger and thumb in the right manner to give more control on the pencil.Ideal for sensory issues: If your child is suffering from dysgraphia, hand fatigue, dyspraxia, autism, or any other illness that makes it hard to grip on something or coordinate hand movements, this ergonomic training pencil grip can be really helpful.Compatible with drawing tools: It can be used with pens, crayons, pencils, colors, glitter pens, etc.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Perfect for preschoolers
  • Learn to hold a pencil right
  • Suitable for left and right-handers
  • Helpful for kids with sensory issues
  • Two-finger positions to remove pencil fatigue


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Two Fingers Ergonomic Pencil Grip
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