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Woodworking Linear Arc Scriber Tool

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Rulers and partitioners are a thing of the past. You shouldn¡¯t be using them for your woodworking task today. It¡¯s a modern world and you need to adhere to it.Bringing you the ingenious woodworking linear arc scriber tool. It lets you draw straight lines, arcs and boundaries on wooden boards, structures and sheets without any error and effort.Set the gauge to the required measurement, insert the scriber tool or pencil into the hole, tighten the tool, and begin working. Your DIY tasks and professional woodworking chores are bound to become so much easier with this invention.What you¡¯ll get:Accurate line and arc drawing: The secret of the arc drawing tool lies in the dual smooth rollers that drift along with the surface to draw an accurate line according to the measurement set on the sliding marking gauge. Be it a circle or a straight line; you will not get it wrong no matter how many times you draw it. It has a line drawing range of 120mm approx.  Speeds up your woodworking tasks: This dual-purpose woodworking scriber tool will rev up the pace of your tasks. Handles all types of wood sheets and structures comfortably. Sum up 5 hours worth of work in 3 hours J.Use on multiple surfaces: The tool is suitable for working on ceramics, metal, wood, glass, etc.Stays with you for a long time: It is constructed with materials (Aluminum alloy, stainless steel) that have high polymer hardness and exhibit exceptional scratch and wear resistance. It will be durable enough to be used for a long time.* Size of the tool: 8.6 x 3 in approx.
  • Material: Al Alloy, Stainless Steel
  • Use for line drawing or arc drawing
  • Sliding marking gauge for precise measurements
  • Durable locking pin for disruption-free working
  • Essential woodworking tool
  • Includes 1 scriber tool, 2 pencils


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Woodworking Linear Arc Scriber Tool
Type1 - $43.99
  • Type1 - $43.99

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